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BLT Shirt Printers has been in the custom screen printing and embroidery business for 30 years – and all of them spent right here in the U.S.A. Our offices and production facilities are located in Alexandria, Virginia, and we are so proud to be a true American printing and embroidery shop. 
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US Marine Corp Moms Rock – Custom Printed Goody Bags from BLT Shirt Printers


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MarineCorpsBags (2)We always make a point to salute those who dedicate their lives to serving our Country. The men and women who enlist in the US Military are worthy of more than our respect and gratitude, they also deserve some gifts from time to time. A great time for gifts is at the completion of boot camp training. Graduation gifts are always appreciated and one local Marine Mom found out about SAM bags and worked to create gifts for new graduates from Parris Island!

Our Marine Mom is Beth Posey and her son recently completed the training at Parris Island. When Beth discovered that there were too often new Marines emerging from that famously grueling boot camp without friends or family to celebrate the achievement, she joined other “Marine Moms and Dads” in the SAM bags project (SAM is an acronym for Stand Alone Marine).

With help from the design team at BLT Shirt Printers, Marine Mom Beth and company selected a drawstring sports pack in bright red with the eagle, globe and anchor Marine Corp logo screen printed in gold.

Then, the donated goodies – toiletries, snacks, stationery items – were collected at a local Giant Foods store. Community volunteers helped to pack the 100 bags for the new graduates, and a local Girl Scouts troop assembled another 50 bags for deployed Marines. Even after packing all the goody bags, there was still tons of donated items – enough to fill a trailer to send down to Parris Island, send some to deployed Marines, and send some to the Soldier’s Home in Washington, DC. The generosity was overwhelming! This is a project that all of us can do – click here for details on the SAM bags.

Now, look at all the happy faces! Such great gifts for a deserving bunch! Sport packs are also a great idea for local athletic clubs (youth baseball, soccer and swim teams), community and church groups, and schools. Give BLT Shirt Printers a call today 877.258.2561 and we will help you create the perfect goody bags for your special group!

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve – BLT Shirt Printers Special Offer


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If you plan to giveaway or sell t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats or jackets with a heart symbol or the word love, then you must take advantage of BLT Shirt Printers’ Hearts & Love Special Offer of 20% off your order of 24 items or more!

Valentine special

If you and a team are walking in May for breast cancer research and want to show your ‘love for the tatas’, order your team shirts now to receive the discount.

If you are a teacher who loves her students and wants to give them end-of-year t-shirts, then now is the time to order them to get the discount!

If your community or church group is planning a fundraiser, then custom-printed t-shirts and sweatshirts with the word ‘love’ or heart symbols could be the perfect money-raising items to sell. If you order them now, then you will get the discount!

If you own a restaurant and want to proudly display your staffs’ love for the customers they serve, then order new uniforms or aprons today and take advantage of the BLT hearts & love discount.

Celebrate the love all year round and not just on Valentine’s Day! But this special 20% discount offer is only good during the month of February. So, plan ahead and buy your custom-printed and embroidered apparel today!

BLT Shirt Printers Supports Hanes4Education


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Hanes 4 Education
Calling all k-8 educators! BLT Shirt Printers is so proud to be involved in the Hanes4Education program so that all k-8 schools can earn Box Tops with each school-related custom print order using Hanes brand apparel.
When your school orders custom printed Hanes brand faculty/staff shirts, school spirit and athletic team shirts, uniforms, and even summer camp shirts, you will earn one Box Top per item ordered (i.e. 200 shirts = 200 Box Tops – maximum of 5,000). This includes t-shirts, polo shirts, and sweatshirts, and is available to be used for schools, school-related activities, community-based/family-based youth activities and education-related events. Even better, if you know of an eligible organization that needs custom-printed Hanes apparel, you can ask them to designate your school as the recipient of the Box Tops they earn. It’s a win-win for everyone involved and most importantly, the kids!
 Hanes4Education   learn more
It’s been reported that last year alone American schools earned more than $74 million dollars from Box Tops. That’s a whole lot of cash for our kids’ education and all raised through efforts like this one. BLT Shirt Printers has played an active role in our community here in Alexandria, Virginia, for 30 years, and we are thrilled to be a part of this Hanes4Education program. Call us today 877-258-2561 to place an order and get to earning cash for your school!

Do You Have a Customer Food Challenge and the T-Shirt to Promote It?


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We keep the “food theme” going this week with a blog about food challenges. (We’ve already covered Meat Week with our delicious customer Pork Barrel BBQ and pancakes with IHOPS’ fundraiser for Ashley.) Now we’re talking gut-busting eating!

There’s a very popular television show called “Man v Food” that documents the host Adam Richman’s efforts to beat food challenges at restaurants all over the United States. The show can be a little gross at times – it can be tough to watch someone gorge on a 5 lb hamburger stacked with two buns, a pound of cheese, and a hot sauce that causes both sweating and tears while a clock ticks down from 10 minutes to zero. But, with the crowd chanting “Go Adam” and the camera cutting from shots of the host cramming food in his mouth to a stopwatch ticking down the minutes and seconds, it can get very exciting and a viewer may find herself rooting on the host from the comfort of her family room’s couch. So now the question is, “what does the winning eater get for his efforts?” A t-shirt, of course!

adam richman man v food host

Do you own a restaurant, pub, or sandwich shop with a food challenge? Do you promote events for your customers to show their eating prowess? What custom screen-printed t-shirt, sweatshirt, jacket or apron do you give to the winners (and even losers)? Do you give out custom embroidered hats? A customer food challenge is a great way to build buzz for your eating establishment and the perfect reason to give away custom-printed branded clothing items to promote your business.

man v food apron

On Super Bowl Sunday there was wing-eating contest at Del Ray Pizzeria. They donated the entry fees to the Mount Vernon Community School PTA. We don’t know if they had custom printed clothing items for give-away or sale, but they should have because who doesn’t want a Super Bowl keepsake? Especially one for a killer food challenge that benefits a good cause? If you’re going to stuff your gizzard you may as well have a t-shirt to commemorate it!

At BLT Shirt Printers we know how to design, print, and embroider (right here in our offices in Alexandria, VA) the perfect branded items for your company’s food (and other) challenges. Give us a call 877.258.2561 and meet with our design team. We will get your eatery’s crowd chanting and cheering for you and your next food challenge winner!

Eat Meat. Repeat!


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Did you know there’s a National Meat Week? Even better, did you know there’s a DC Meat Week? Their tagline is “Eat Meat. Repeat”. What a great idea for a t-shirt, right? You betcha and here they are:

meat week_1 (3)

A star of this year’s DC Meat Week was one of BLT Shirt Printers’ favorite (and so very delicious!) customer Pork Barrel BBQ! They sponsored a “High on the Hog” food challenge during last week’s event, and it was finger-lickin’ and belly-bustin’ good!

Pork Barrel BBQ food challenge during DC Meat Week 2013

Not only is Pork Barrel BBQ darn tasty, but it’s also gluten-free, and has no high-fructose corn syrup, preservatives, or MSG. Those things in and of themselves are worthy of promotion!

PorkBarrelBartendr (2)

So if you love meat, or even like it a little bit, some Pork Barrel BBQ rub and sauce will make it even better. You too will be chanting: Eat Meat. Repeat! If you’re very lucky, Mango Mike’s in Alexandria may have some Pork Barrel BBQ entrees on its menu. Visit them and then let us know! And, because we are BLT Shirt Printers, we will make you custom t-shirts to wear while you’re chowing down!

Motivate Your Employees With Custom Clothes


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In a tough economy, businesses have to go the extra mile to make an impression on perspective clients. One of the best tools you have to make your business successful is a motivated and friendly staff.Dress Shirts

At BLT Shirt Printers, we believe that your employees should know how much you value them, especially when they make your business better. One way to keep valued employees loyal and motivate your staff to take on a bigger role in your company is to reward them with some fantastic custom gear.

Consider rewarding your best employee — or employees — with an embroidered jacket or other clothing item festooned with the company logo. It’s a great way to show your employees how much you appreciate their work.

Browse our online apparel catalog for a chance to view our variety of customizable clothing. We offer shirts, jackets and caps that can be embroidered or screen printed with custom logos and slogans. For a special surprise, consider customizing a briefcase for a special worker to let them know that you appreciate their efforts. Port City

Once you’ve selected your items for customizing, it’s time to get creative. Upload artwork, logos and slogans onto our online design studio for a chance to see what your design would look like. Our design studio also gives you access to BLT’s great assortment of clip art and fonts to further embellish your designs.

Need inspiration? No problem! Visit BLT for a complimentary consultation with one of our expert graphic designers. With over 30 years of design experience, our artists know how to create a design with flare and style.

Whether you want to update the look of your company uniforms or show an employee just how important their work is to your company, BLT can help you create the perfect custom look for your company.

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve with Custom Clothes


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Every February, we take time to celebrate the ones we love. At BLT Shirt Printers, we believe that love is more than just roses and wine. It’s appreciating friends, family, students, customers — whoever makes your life special.Valentine special

At BLT, we love our faithful customers, and that’s why BLT is offering a wonderful deal this Valentine’s Day season. Every order from now until the end of February of 24 items or more that features the word ‘love’ or a heart graphic will be 20% off.

Imagine handing a tote bag to your loyal customers this season, featuring your business name and a message such as “we love our customers”. The gift will make your customers feel special and be a great advertisement for your business.

But the love doesn’t have to stop with bags. Browse our online apparel catalog for the chance to see our wide variety of clothing and accessories. Caps, t-shirts, sweats and even underwear are available for cool customization. We even have lines of clothing for that suit every need. If you love the environment, consider our eco-friendly lines of apparel. If you love our country, choose from our Made in the USA label collection.

Once you’ve picked out your items, try your hand at creation with our online designing studio. You’ll have access to our full line of clip art and fonts — so you won’t have to settle on just one heart!

If you need inspiration, visit BLT for a free consultation! Our expert graphic designers can help you create a heartfelt design that will be eye-catching and stylish.

No matter who you love this holiday season, BLT wants to help you express your feelings. We’ll put a heart on your sleeve or love on your chest with our fantastic line of custom clothes.

Make Sure Your Workout Clothes Aren’t Working Against You with BLT


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Making the commitment to get fit is one of the most important decisions you can make for both yourself and your family. But going to the gym regularly is a tough goal for many. If you decide to work out as a group, you have a better chance of staying steadfast to your fitness goals.

BLT Shirt Printers has already discussed how custom clothes can help you and your workout group enjoy your gym time. This week, we’d like to make sure you’re wearing workout gear that not only looks great but helps you with your fitness regimen.


At BLT, we know performance fabric is the way to go for active wear clothing. Jill Stump, from Alexandria’s Fit One Studio, recommends wicking fabrics to her clients. “Today’s wicking sportswear allows you to stay cooler when training and/or working out. It pulls sweat away from your body, unlike cotton, which just absorbs it.”

For fantastic wicking options, visit BLT’s online apparel catalog. We also offer anti-microbial clothing, which can also help your gym time. Jill also recommends the anti-microbial treatments, “Due to sweat and the smell. Being a personal trainer, I don’t want to sweat and feel like I have rings on my shirts when training clients.”

BLT isn’t just for groups looking to get fit, we’re also the perfect choice for gyms and personal trainers looking for a way to brand their business in fashionable and functional clothing. Not only do we offer the best in athletic clothing, everything we offer is fully customizable.


Upload your gym or business’ logo or slogan into our online design studio to see how your designs will look. If you’d like a change to start the New Year, consider visiting BLT for a free design consultation. With over 30 years of design experience our graphic artists know how to create a look to promote your business.

Whether you want to motivate your friends to stay fit or want to keep your clients looking and feeling good as they work out, BLT has the perfect outfit for you.

Make Your Uniforms Stylish and Safe with BLT


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The US Navy presents a formidable sight in their new blue and gray digitized camouflage. Worn every day by many of the service members, the uniform has one tiny flaw — they are highly flammable. After some testing, it was revealed that the uniforms easily ignite and will burn until consumed.

Obviously this is a problem for a group of men and women who work under dangerous circumstances, but providing a quality uniform should be a concern for any employer.


Our uniforms for Dog’s Best Friend are stylish and functional.

At BLT Shirt Printers, it’s our priority to offer stylish uniforms that fit your company’s look and needs. Our quality materials mean that you won’t have to worry that your employees will be hindered by their outfits. This year, make the commitment to give your employees the great uniforms.

BLT offers a fantastic range of customizable clothing for every need. Our online apparel catalog boasts a great uniform section with garments that fit every occupation. If your company does a lot of outdoor work, consider our wind resistant, cold weather durable and work-tough gear. Restaurant staff will find work easier with uniforms made from anti-microbial, stain resistant or moisture wicking fabric. If you business requires that your staff is constantly on the move, consider creating a uniform with fabric that is wrinkle resistant, snag resistant and fade resistant.

Once you’ve selected your materials, it’s time to get creative. Upload your company’s logo into our online design studio for a chance to see what you uniforms will look like in real-time. Our studio also gives you access to our extensive clip art and font collections.


Maid To Clean looks cool and comfortable in their BLT uniforms.

If you’re looking to give your logo a fresh look as well as your uniforms, come in for a free design consultation. With 30 years of design experience, BLT knows how to create a uniform look that will make your business stand out.

BLT Shirt Printers knows that your employees are important to you, so why not invest in what they’re wearing to ensure they can do their job to the best of their abilities?


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