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We often write about grocery totes for a number of reasons not least of which is keeping informed of local laws being passed in so many towns and cities banning the use of plastic bags by retail establishments (with pretty hefty monetary penalties for ignoring them). But we also write about them because we are truly devotees of using them. For anyone who has gone to the grocery store – and we know that’s virtually all of you reading this right now – there is truly no more efficient, painless way to cart home your groceries than a reusable grocery tote bag. Let me demonstrate something that happened to us this past weekend after a trip to our local supermarket.

This is a picture of the stuff we bought (and yes we did open the mayo when we got home!)

This is what the groceries looked like in a BLT custom printed reusable grocery tote (Nice isn’t it? Everything fit in one bag that won’t break!):

This is the plastic grocery bag full of stuff (and it didn’t all fit into one bag!)

So yes, reusable grocery totes are good for the environment but they are also very good for the individual. If you’ve ever suffered having a plastic grocery bag break when you’re walking to your car then you know what we’re talking about! Even better, when you’re choosing your next promotional item, your company will benefit from continuous branding when you offer custom printed grocery totes to your clients and customers. Grocery shopping is an ongoing and unavoidable chore in our lives and once you use a grocery tote you will never go back to plastic bags. Order some today for your customers and staff – they will love you for it every time they go grocery shopping!