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The US Navy presents a formidable sight in their new blue and gray digitized camouflage. Worn every day by many of the service members, the uniform has one tiny flaw — they are highly flammable. After some testing, it was revealed that the uniforms easily ignite and will burn until consumed.

Obviously this is a problem for a group of men and women who work under dangerous circumstances, but providing a quality uniform should be a concern for any employer.


Our uniforms for Dog’s Best Friend are stylish and functional.

At BLT Shirt Printers, it’s our priority to offer stylish uniforms that fit your company’s look and needs. Our quality materials mean that you won’t have to worry that your employees will be hindered by their outfits. This year, make the commitment to give your employees the great uniforms.

BLT offers a fantastic range of customizable clothing for every need. Our online apparel catalog boasts a great uniform section with garments that fit every occupation. If your company does a lot of outdoor work, consider our wind resistant, cold weather durable and work-tough gear. Restaurant staff will find work easier with uniforms made from anti-microbial, stain resistant or moisture wicking fabric. If you business requires that your staff is constantly on the move, consider creating a uniform with fabric that is wrinkle resistant, snag resistant and fade resistant.

Once you’ve selected your materials, it’s time to get creative. Upload your company’s logo into our online design studio for a chance to see what you uniforms will look like in real-time. Our studio also gives you access to our extensive clip art and font collections.


Maid To Clean looks cool and comfortable in their BLT uniforms.

If you’re looking to give your logo a fresh look as well as your uniforms, come in for a free design consultation. With 30 years of design experience, BLT knows how to create a uniform look that will make your business stand out.

BLT Shirt Printers knows that your employees are important to you, so why not invest in what they’re wearing to ensure they can do their job to the best of their abilities?